Toddler Behaviour Workshop

Do you sometimes feel like your toddler is from another planet? If this sounds familiar and you want to explore the psychology of toddler behaviour and how you can communicate and manage your toddlers behaviour better, then this is the workshop for you.


In this workshop, we look in depth at toddler psychology and brain development to help us to understand their world more. We then go on to think about how best to manage tricky toddler behaviour in a way that makes sense.


Attending this workshop will help you

  • Better understand why your toddler behaves in the way that they do

  • Come up with some tips and techniques that work for you as a family in managing difficult behaviour

  • Address common toddler behaviours (e.g. biting, sharing, picky eating, sleeping etc) using a framework that empowers you to be able to apply this in future challenging situations

We run workshops through the year in the central belt of Scotland.  Please contact us directly for information on the next workshop in your area. 

Private Sessions:

We can also arrange this 1-1 workshop at a time that suits you in your own home. Please contact us to discuss cost for 1-1 sessions as we tailor these to your needs.