About Connect to Thrive

Welcome to Connect to Thrive.

Our mission is to apply up to date findings from psychology and neuroscience in order to promote healthy child development and learning. 

There are many psychological theories, which guide our work, some of the most prominent being that of attachment, attunement and the science of human connection.  We know that babies come into the world primed to connect with their carers.  One of the most important findings from research in this area is that children mirror our patterns of communication with them, which then influences the very structure of the developing brain.  From babies, to teens to adults, the relationships we have with others are absolutely fundamental to our development and well-being.

At Connect to Thrive, we are passionate about providing services to children, families and establishments that draws from a sound evidence base. We work hard to support parents and professionals in understanding the psychology of child development and relationships in order to achieve the very best outcomes for our children.

Connect To Thrive offer a range of services for parents and carers, professionals and for schools, including:

  • Workshops 
  • One-to-One consultations
  • Telephone / Skype consultations
  • Email consultation. 
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Consultation and training for schools

For more information about our lead educational psychologist please click on the picture below. 

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