Welcome to Connect To Thrive

Hello and welcome to Connect to Thrive.  Our website will give you an introduction to us and the work that we do. 

Our mission is to:

"Support babies, toddlers, children and young people to reach their full potential. We aim to do this through translating research and knowledge in psychology and neuroscience into practical advice for adults who influence the lives of babies, toddlers, children and young people."

Who we are:

Connect to Thrive was founded by two mums and chartered psychologists who are passionate about supporting parents and professionals who are interested in gentle, respectful and evidence based approaches to relating to the children in their care.

  • We apply a sound knowledge of psychology and child development to bring about positive change to children and their families. 
  • We bring real world experience through practicing as Psychologists for over 10 years and from the ups and downs of parenting our own amazing and spirited children!

We provide services in four core areas outlined below. Please click on each image for more information.

We offer workshops and consultation to parents and carers of babies and toddlers who are interested in meeting their wee ones’ needs in a gentle and respectful way: 

We offer psychological assessment for children and young people who may be having difficulties with their learning and development.

We offer training on a range of topics for professionals, including childminders and health visitors. 

We offer consultation, assessment and training for schools.

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