Connected Parenting

Services for parents and carers of babies and toddlers

We believe that every parent is an expert on their own baby. Having said that, there may be times when, as a parent, we feel stuck with a particular issue. It is at these times, when it can be really beneficial to have someone with knowledge and experience to take an objective view of the situation and to offer guidance towards solutions.

We run workshops and private consultations to support parents and carers through the ups and downs of parenthood. 

Our one to one consultations offer the opportunity to explore specific issues or situations in more depth. For more information about our consultation service:

Workshops provide an opportunity to learn more about baby and infant behavior in a relaxed group setting. For more information about current workshops:

We are currently running workshops at KnotStressed in Edinburgh. More information can be found here:

We also offer workshops in Fife and Falkirk. Further details to follow on our Facebook page and website.