By: Andy | May 17, 2016

"A person's a person no matter how small" (Dr Seuss)

  Picture this: You come across a post in your Facebook feed entitled: Why is your Grandma crying? You click on to see a series of pictures of distressed and upset elderly women with tears streaming down their faces. Each picture has a caption, "Because she couldn't find her glasses", "Because she couldn't find her way back to her room" "Because she wanted it to be Friday" and so on. What is your response? Upset? Disgust? You might think, “Who on earth would post such a disrespectful unempathic piece?”  I doubt very much that many people would find it funny and go on to click like and share with all. Now, what if we replaced the elderly women with to...

By: Andy | March 23, 2016

Making sense of our emotional triggers to bring healing to the past, awareness to the present and resilience for the future.

 Have you ever felt anger or other strong emotions, rise up like surge of power that you had no control over, in response to something your child/children did? Perhaps, it was when your children were fighting or maybe it was in response to an emotional outburst or refusal to cooperate with a request.  If this sounds familiar, it is likely that you have been 'triggered' emotionally. When this happens the 'thinking' part of our brain goes offline and the part of the brain involved in survival kicks in. We go into 'fight, flight or freeze' mode.   This is why, in that moment, we are more likely to say or do something that...

By: Andy | February 10, 2016

Understanding and dealing with Toddler Refusal

Almost over night, our babies seem to go from placid bundles, who happily go with the flow to refusing to have their nappies changed/clothes put on/ sit in their high chair (or any chair!)/ go in the car seat… ok, you get the picture!  

What on earth is happening?  First of, saying NO is exactly what should be happening at this stage!  There are big changes going on in a toddler’s internal landscape.   Toddlers are beginning to realise that they are separate people with their own wants and abilities.   With this comes an increased need for autonomy, hence the common “ME DO IT!” and the refusal to follow our agenda.

Secondly, it is a really healthy sign that your toddler has a secure bond with you....